Fuck … he cums lots

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Both his hands were busy and his dick was jumping
When I told him to cum inside me, he immediately exploded!
My first load of the day!
A cream pie is the perfect way to start my day!
There’a nothing tastier then cum from my ass
I love to push out his cum from my ass
Riding him until his cum is oozing out of me
This one leaked out of me all afternoon!
There's nothing better than riding him until he fills me up
Wasn’t lots but it’s so hot
I didn't change my panties after this
Fuck… that’s lots cum
A weeks worth of cum on our first date… which happened to be in public!
Was out of breath but full of cream
It leaked out of me for the rest of the day!
Creamy pussy & a creampie
He made a mess out of me!