I'm 40 y/o, am I too old to send nudes? (F)

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I’ll let you play with my boobs if you help with the laundry…deal? [F]
Sex sounds fun but don’t you think it would be polite to kiss my lips first? [F]
Fingers are fun but nothing beats a friend who loves eating pussy… [F]
I know, I know. It’s technically Titty Tuesday, but you’ve been good so you get a Nude Tuesday. (F)
If you’re here celebrating MILF Monday I have something to show you. (F)40
I’m going to put your face between these 40 y/o boobies [F]
Straight up in your face and always hard 40(f)
Just checking if I can convince you to bang my racks before gym 40(f)
Morning! Breakfast is on the counter for you. Enjoy. (F)40
Dinners ready I hope your hungry ;) [F]
It’s almost lunchtime and milf is on the menu…are you dining in or are you eating me out? [F]
Yes, I’m 40, but I can out party most 20 year olds. (F)
40? Yes! Gone wild? That seems like an understatement. (F)
[f] A good day is when you can be naked and feel comfortable
40 years old, married with 3 kids and this is how I love spending my days. Making your cock hard (F...
I’ll make you breakfast if you play with my girls…fair trade? [F]
Feeling old at 40…but would you still kiss me all over?! 😅 (f)
I wonder how far you could stick your tongue inside…I’m just curious… [F]
40 year old pussy never looked this juicy [F]
Yes, I’ll behave today. Would you like that to be well behaved or badly behaved? (F)40
Dinner is on me tonight. Oops! Correction: dinner IS me tonight…lol [F]
Eating pussy is good for you. So eat pussy. Often. And a lot. [F]
The boots stay on. The rest is up to you. (F)0
My husband says I don’t turn him on anymore :/[F]
There’s a rumor out there that you’d fuck a MILF if you had the chance. (F)40
What are you handcuffing me too first? [F]
Hi to all the guys who love pussy first thing in the morning… [F]