The struggle is real!

I'll take a copy.

Probably not what he meant when he said "hold on tight"

found silver, sifting for gold?

webshooter isn't working?

Japan human centipede.

Great video editing skills

Take Her Eye Out

That feels so good.

I wouldn't take it off until the batteries were dead!

False advertisment!

This gave me a little chuckle

Power Rangers...Success!

This is why I don't get blackout drunk on vacation anymore...

New year is nearly here. Time to start the party.

I'm sure you've all heard of the latest Frankenstein movie

That'll teach him to perv on bathing women...

Surprise Motherfucker Part Deux

Surprise Motherfucker

Giant Soul eating Vagina

The Look Of Relief (X-Post r/MasterOfAnal)

New meaning to handful

unexpected facial

sometimes you come at the wrong time. (x-post /r/after_the_shot)

Ahh, that's perfect...HEY!!

"how do i reach these kids?" pt. 1

Get the fuck off me!

Magical Fountain (Xpost /r/freeuse)

threesomes: there's always a catch...

This guy's face tho

Drive Thru Dare

She fucked him to drive the car. She got this instead... (x-post /r/after_the_shot)

The look on her face

Not the hair!

Wanna have a CapriSun?

MRW when I'm masturbating and I hear a noise

when you haven't cleaned up, but you want your check. (x-post /r/after_the_shot)

I had never actually seen anyone do this...

Bouncy bouncy glorp glorp

I'm not sure what she was expecting, considering she signed up to do porn

Don't Kiss Me After Doing That

Truck Driver Looks Like Walter Matthau

Not letting go

The Old Reddit Switcheroo

OHH Gawd, I didn't know that was gonna happen!

the time traveler's wife. (x-post /r/porn_plots)

Pervert Doctor

what she's really thinking when snuggling her teddy bear

Her face when it slips through her fingers.

A window cleaner's work is never done

Japan at its finest


When you are running out of male actors.

Fucking like rabbits [gif]

Cums so hard she flips the chair over.

Found your mom's dildo

I'm sick of porn giving unrealistic expectations to young people, so I created a realistic porn ad.

Delivering the News

when your girlfriend wants to stay a "virgin".

when pornstars make music videos.

That's a nice watch.

Lucie actually thinks she's fucking the invisible man

Pay Attention And Concentrate

When your favourite song is playing...

Wanna see full edition...

Impossible is not the option for her....


Horny host family

My spider senses are tingling...

A Shopkeeper's Fantasy

The US Presidential Elections Summarized

"How could I ever thank you enough?"

Japanese finger trap

Sex face of the year.

Frodo knows what he likes!

When Grandma's Asleep

When policewoman arrested guys big cocks

The Sleeping Girlfriend "Honka honka" you know you've all done it.

When ya girl high AF but she still wants to give you a handjob

Something special for your cereal

It's a post-gangbang tradition

Well, that's one way to get out of a ticket

gimme a kiss, sweetie

A Wild Pornstar Appears!

Kardashian camera tricks

This shit is bananas!

Seated Anal Full Nelson

The technique on that swing was just abysmal

Super Maria Sisters

Hole in one (x-post r/girlshumpingthings)

she doesn't even know what hit her LOL

This dude does not give a fuck

Happy Breakfast !

Don't mind me