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Today we'll talk about vagina

The babysitter walks in...

not yet ready.

how riley reid became the slut she is today pt. 1

One of the most important lessons a girl can be taught.

Sister teaches virgin brother how to fuck after he catches her masturbating

Never put on your step mother's dress.

That is how you do it (xpost /r/nsfwhardcore)

taking care of grandpa.


Miss Daniels teaches her students how to satisfy a man [Group]

Cadence Carter, Brat sent to the office

teaching two kids about the birds and the bees.

"Just up and down like this?"

Showing the teacher what they learned.

teaching her how to fist.

"are you watching honey? this is how you deepthroat."

Step daughter gets spanked [ff]

"It's OK, you can touch them....Here!"

birds and the bees pt.2

"WOW! I didn't know they got THAT big!"

"even trade" pt. 1

the twin's first cumswap. (x-post /r/cumswap)

Showing her how deep it goes in.