Gaya Patel Smiles Her Way Through Some Nasty Cumplay

Insane dual cumshots from some gay buds (x-post r/cumcannonaddicts)

Ligament stretching plus cumshot

It's leg day

Have a great holiday from your friendly neighborhood twink.

Im just gonna pull it out.. Make it Hard if you wish

I bet you wish I was riding you instead of this dildo

Do you like watching this hole get stretched out?

I probably post way too much but I just love showing my ass off.

In the gym shower

Another lubed, smooth ride..

gaybrosgonewild doesnt really care for my ass

Towel bulge

Haven't had much practice with my vers side - anyone got tips for an amateur bottom?

It feels so good...

Last one before I head to bed

Bathtime = A different type of grower

watch me shoot a load in 30 seconds

My cute little hole

Smooth ride #2 ;)

Fuck me like this :)

My first public experience, in the back of my buddy’s car when he was in a store.

Been awhile ;)

Can’t be contained sometimes...

What do you think? All messages get replies

Just waiting on you...

Jerking in Public

been too long since someone’s busted in me

I get a cumshot in public.

Just a Little Tease!

Jerking it Hard

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'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la! Don we now our gay apparel, Fa la la la la la

Letting him out to play

Skinny dude playing with his pillow!

Like my load?

Don we now our gay apparel...

[171225] TWICE Tzuyu - SBS Gayo Daejun

First post here. Just a quick vid of me riding my bf.

Fucking myself with the Purpetrator (vid from previous post)

You guys seemed to like our first post, so here's another few little clips from us.

The bf hadn't cum in a few days...

First post from the “bf.” Figured you guys would appreciate seeing him flying solo too.

Warming it up for him... (X-Post r/GayGifs)

Twice - KBS Gayo Daechukje 2017

Finishing on my stomach

Just a drop last night

Red Velvet - Irene (Peekaboo Cheek) KBS Gayo 171229

Use the force

Just needed to Jerk Off

Do they fit?

I am not gay but I would suck a cock like this if I get a chance.

Boyfriend and I last night (more in comments)

First gif, and first cum! Well, second one today, but it’s the first one on here.

Having fun with a dildo

Show me how much you can handle

turned 32 today

consider myself straight, but sometimes I fantasize about taking cock (PMs welcome)

You all are such a turn on

Alright, you can come out now (pms welcome)

I made a bit of a mess, who wants to help clean me up?

Let’s see what’s behind curtain number one...

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Getting ready for a lot more than a tattoo

Stellar - Minhee ft Gayoung's & Junyeol's hands