handjob 101
1 year ago (from Reddit)

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the ol' "teaching by banana" scene.

"WOW! I didn't know they got THAT big!"

I was told to post this here [FF]

3 girls examine a boy.

I'll watch.

I'd volunteer to be a stunt penis!

Every girl should take these.

Teaching and Teasing

Learning on the go.

Schoolgirl Gina Gerson Seduces Faculty, Takes Them Apart Piece by Piece

busy with another student.

"Go ahead honey, teach her."

mother showing daughter off to potential suitor.

the teen whisperer.

Forget everything you learned in high school [x-post from /r/wincest]

Watching Porn pt.2

"how do i reach these kids?" pt. 2

Showing her how deep it goes in.

Mistress carries her little girl over to the couch to play

taking care of grandpa.

telling them what to

Blowjob Training.

Comparing: Boobs

showing each other how to masturbate.