handjob 101
2 years ago in Sexy_Ed (from )
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Today we'll talk about vagina

showing each other how to masturbate.

Every girl should take these.

"WOW! I didn't know they got THAT big!"

Daughter teaching mom for a change.

Comparing: Boobs

the teen whisperer.

Making Her Suck

mother showing daughter off to potential suitor.

Step-mom teaching step-daughter how it's done.

Adult Sex Lessons

The babysitter walks in...

"Go ahead honey, teach her."

"It's OK, you can touch them....Here!"

"Aww honey, look! She's learning!"

"What are you doing?": Pt. 1

How do I reach these kids? [School]

mommy's there to help. (x-post /r/omgbeckylookathiscock)

Daughter's first handjob.

"how do i reach these kids?" pt. 2

Mistress carries her little girl over to the couch to play

the ol' "teaching by banana" scene.