Masturbation Lessons Pt.1
1 year ago (from Reddit)

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Showing the teacher what they learned.

mother showing daughter off to potential suitor.

"She's teaching me honey." (sorry about quality)

"Just up and down like this?"

Showing her how deep it goes in.

family tradition.

I was told to post this here [FF]

Daughter's first handjob.

Comparing: Boobs

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how riley reid became the slut she is today pt. 1

Now take him into your mouth and....oh, ok. You're doing very good for your first lesson. You're wha

"WOW! I didn't know they got THAT big!"

the ol' "teaching by banana" scene.

That is how you do it (xpost /r/nsfwhardcore)

"It's OK, you can touch them....Here!"

How to pass a test in Sexy Ed 101

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"What are you doing?": Pt.2

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"are you watching honey? this is how you deepthroat."

her turn.