Which end is up?
5 days ago (from Reddit)
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No, that's not a shemale (from comments of /r/NSFW_GIFS)

New position unlocked

That feels so good.

"How could I ever thank you enough?"

Good doggy

Something special for your cereal

Happy Breakfast !

the time traveler's wife. (x-post /r/porn_plots)

My spider senses are tingling...

Well, that's one way to get out of a ticket

...it's like one of my Japanese animes.

When ya girl high AF but she still wants to give you a handjob

My Dog is Soapy

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors...


Hole in one (x-post r/girlshumpingthings)

This guy's face tho

when you haven't cleaned up, but you want your check. (x-post /r/after_the_shot)

Step 1: Buy a ticket to a wrestling show, Step 2: Get squirted on

New year is nearly here. Time to start the party.

Well, this got out of hand...

False advertisment!

Oh, you're giving him a bath? Don't mind me.

The original was taken down so I thought I'd fix it and put it back up! (it gets better the longer y