The Old Reddit Switcheroo
1 year ago (from Reddit)

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When policewoman arrested guys big cocks

when your girlfriend wants to stay a "virgin".

Suction dildo. I tried, I (f)ailed. (Just found this sub and have been laughing for an hour!)

This is how you teach her

The Sleeping Girlfriend "Honka honka" you know you've all done it.

I'm not sure what she was expecting, considering she signed up to do porn

webshooter isn't working?

My spider senses are tingling...

Daddy...? DADDY?!

Spending Easter with the family

This is a shitpost.

Magical Fountain (Xpost /r/freeuse)

Freeze Her Tits Off

So....what have you been up to?

Super Maria Sisters

Those Brits and their afternoon tea breaks

gimme a kiss, sweetie

Oh fuck!

Zero fucks given



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When your best friend is drunk

That's a nice watch.