The Old Reddit Switcheroo
1 year ago (from Reddit)

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Probably not what he meant when he said "hold on tight"

The Sleeping Girlfriend "Honka honka" you know you've all done it.

Not a single car was washed that day.

Surprise Motherfucker Part Deux

When your best friend is drunk

That's a nice watch.

Open wide for the poop chute train!

These bikes have been catching on

The technique on that swing was just abysmal

So....what have you been up to?

Japanese finger trap

Hey Spidey!


MRW when I'm masturbating and I hear a noise

Leaked footage of new super weapon

Yeah, we're gonna need an icepack over here.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

It's after hours, but you forgot to lock the doors

Cums so hard she flips the chair over.

she stucked in a wall

Gamer Girl

Well, this got out of hand...

Wave Dynamics Simulator

When policewoman arrested guys big cocks